Our business partners

  • ABSA Limited – Agri department

ABSA remains the biggest banking partner by far in the agricultural environment and is very active in developing the agricultural environment and help enhancing food security by large through their financing efforts.

  • Agrico

They have the agency for Netafim and their engineers plan the layouts of fields and the irrigation and feeding processes. They also produce very durable and tough tractors and implements for farming operations.

  • Explogro

The most exciting micro organism development British based company whith their own representation in South Africa.

  • Haifa

An Israeli based company with the best fertilizers available in the market place. Soil sampling is done with Bemlab in the Strand, Cape Town.

  • Heinz

The most proven seed cultivars which is very harvest friendly as well as yield quite exciting tomato harvests.

  • Humansdorp Co-op

A very dynamic, smaller but upcoming and successful, co-op from Humansdorp. With their dynamic team of agricultural specialists it is only a win win process for farmer and co-op.

  • PrecisionHawk

The developers of drone technology is no more a luxury but a necessity for precision farming.

  • South Trade

They have the agency for the Guaresi tomato harvesters with a number of the smaller Guaresi models running already for many years in die Western Cape area. They have the ability to support these machines quite successfully.