Competitive edge

  • Fertigation (Fertilizers + Irrigation)

Haifa fertilizers were brought on board which has a long and sound track record from Israeli tomato operation

The best dripper system for tomato production in the world was also introduced. Netafim is also an Israeli product.

  • Micro organism management

Explogro is a definite partner in this venture. In initial tomato trials a 70% increase in weight, 22% increase in BRIX and a 50% reduction in use of N-P-K elements used with a reduction of 22% in water use was achieved. A number of sundry micro organism related products were tested and introduced that will increase production at least by an additional 20%.

  • Drone monitoring technology

PrecisionHawk is one of the leading parties the field of drone technology when it come to precision farming.

  • Seed cultivars

The only cultivar that is harvest friendly is the Heinz 1015. Yields are also high with this cultivar.



  • Harvesting process

Giving the scale op operation this specific Guaresi (Italian build) harvest machine, commonly used all over the world with great success harvest with comfort 60 tons per Ha. This means that the anticipated 1 Ha harvest per day will take place just under 3 hours with no risk of any labor implications.

  • Fresh produce markets

The time of the year, 13 weeks beginning 01 February, is a very stable period on the fresh produce markets. Especially the coastal fresh produce markets struggling to get good quality tomatoes. The drought currently will also increase the demand for quality roma tomatoes.