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Amanzi Heren Landtgoed was founded when a business model was developed for a listed multi national company requiring lots of tomatoes for their paste plant. The technology developed then was used to create the current platform for this business model and once this theoretical recipe is mastered a massive roll-out will take place on a grander scale on at least 400 Ha’s, planned for 2020 supplying our own cold processing (68 degrees Celsius) plant in the Cradock area. This will be mainly for the production of Roma (Italian word meaning plumb shape) tomatoes mainly with a detachable and field holding capacity characteristics. The scope of the operation will therefore be to:

primarily produce 170 tons, and better, constantly per Ha per season. Harvest season is mainly 13 weeks starting 01 February. In addition to weight goals it is also our aim to achieve a BRIX of 6.2 to 7.2 per tomato which will result in paste BRIX of 49 (7 tons of tomatoes = 1 ton of tomato paste) which is exceptionally good, compared to world standards of 36 to 38 for top class tomato paste. The benefit is that when the northern hemisphere is in its winter (non production season) off season normally producing 97% of of the worlds tomato production Amanzi will be in production with the best paste available in the world.

This will be achieved through the objective of ….

partnering with the best technologies, seed cultivars, techniques, monitoring and performance measurement systems currently available. To constantly stay in touch with the latest development and evolution in tomato processing is essential for achieving the scope and objectives for this operation.

The initial operation will start off with a 50 to 70 Ha’s and the tomatoes will be harvested and packed for the fresh produce market. The estimated price per ton is in the region of R4880 on average between all the South African fresh produce markets. The edge by far in the market place with these tomatoes will be the high BRIX (sugar level) and already red in color with a much longer shelf life (at least 3 weeks) than the rest of the normal round tomato cultivars available in the market then. There is also a 5% harvest factor of green tomatoes that will be packed for the fresh produce markets. These green tomatoes are high in tomatien which is favored by bodybuilders and cancer patients for its exceptional healing properties.